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How to Appear Offline in League of Legend’s Client

Admin, Ranked Boosters
05 January 2021

Appearing offline carries many benefits when trying to climb the ladder in League of Legend’s. From removing chat distractions to ignoring that one inting low elo IRL friend who always wants to duo, and you want to avoid confrontation.

We offer appear offline mode for all of our Solo boosts so that when our boosters are playing on your account they are invisible to your friends, saving you from suspicion as well as helping you rest easy knowing no one will message them when they are on.

Appearing offline in LoL works by blocking your computer from connecting to Riot’s Chat Servers. You can do this by adding a rule in your firewall and blocking IP address of the server you are playing on.
Steps to Appear Offline:
1. Enable & Turn on your windows firewall.

2. Open your command prompt as admin (cmd.exe) Make sure you right click it and press “Run as Administrator”, make sure windows firewall in on.

3. In cmd copy and paste (for NA):

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”lolchat” dir=out remoteip= action=block

Once copied hit enter, you should see “Ok.” appear in the command box.

Note: You need to change the IP address to the server you play on, shown above by the italic numbers, these need to be changed to the corresponding IP address. You can find them below.




IP Address

You should be all set, now when you open league of legends you will be invisible/appearing offline in your friend’s list. If you did this while client was open, you might have to relaunch LoL client for it to take effect.

To appear online again:
Open cmd as administrator and type this line and hit enter.
netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=”lolchat” 
Everything should be back to normal.

note: the servers with asterisks might not work :(.

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