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What is an Elo Boost in League Of Legends?

Law, Ranked Boosters
17 December 2020

Ever heard the phrase “Elo Boost”, “Boosted” or “Elo Boosted” in your games while playing LoL? 


Elo boosting is the process where a booster or boosting service logs into a LoL account and elevates their ranks by playing ranked games. Obviously the boosters play in lower elos than their abilities, improving the account’s MMR and inflated the owners elo.


Either your higher elo friend or professional boosters can win games on your account to boost your ranked League of Legends standing. RankedBoosters offer premium boosting services with cheap rates, our boosters performance are like no other. You can check our rates here.


Here at Ranked Boosters Elo boosters are hand picked individuals who show insane abilities to climb the ranked ladder at unmatched win rates. We pride ourselves in selecting the best League of Legends players to work for our service. Many famous players you see on LoL streams are hired by us, unfortunately their real names are not display to protect their main account identities.

Our Elo Booster Requirements:
We don’t pick boosters based on just their ranks, they have to fit a certain criteria.

  • Elo Booster should boost at least one division per day. If an account’s LP gain and MMR are normal our boosters easily achieve this deadline.
  • Elo Booster shouldn’t chat with anyone from customer’s friend list. We enforce this rule for our respected clients.
  • At no point should a booster reveal that he/she is a booster, no matter the pride they have by being high ELO.
  • Flaming is strictly prohibited, We have background checks (main honor level) and we train boosters to never approach boosting with toxicity.
  • Our boosters main account of our potential booster should be at least Diamond 1 for regular position and Diamond 4-3 for junior position.


Advantages of using RankedBoosters for your boosting needs:

RankedBoosters provides Elo boosting services unparalleled to others, our elite boosting team provides solutions to all your boosting requirements.

  • Our boosts are the most customization by far, from appearing offline to playing different roles/champions. We provide it all. You can voice chat with our boosters or even get coached during your boost if you choose our duo queue option.
  • We boost one division a day without compromise.
  • Our wait times to get a booster assigned to your order are extremely short, our boosters love getting paid and get pinged on discord once you order! They pick order with great enthusiasm.
  • You can track your order completely in our members area, once you pay for your boost you will receive an email confirming your order, another email when your boost is assigned, and another when completed. You can track all of this manually in your UserCp.
  • Our booster team is highly selective, our boosters are no less than diamond 1 and our junior boosters are min. Diamond 4 (they have elo limits), We don’t hesitate to remove inconsistency, customers always come first and nothing will compromise our standards.


Struggling in your ELO?

Let us boost you and give you a little push on the ladder so that you don’t have to deal with toxic/low skilled ELOs, so that you can be in an higher ELO environment to learn more effectively! You can duo with our boosters and learn their mindsets/playstyle to hard carry every game. We offer Solo/Duo division league boosts as well as short term Duo Games and Duo Net Wins. Want a taste of our service? Order our cheapest boosts (Duo Games).

Ready to get your boost started?

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