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Why do people buy Elo boosts?

Law, Ranked Boosters
23 October 2020

Elo boosting is largely looked down upon in the League Of Legends community, but we think there are many benefits from being boosted. Reasons covered in this blog post.

Why buy a Ranked Elo Boost?

Whether you choose to buy Solo boost or Duo boosts, there are many benefits to getting boosted. We all want to be higher rank to gain respect but elo boosting can also help you learn and improve as a LoL player.

Benefits of Elo boosting:

  • Escaping Elo hell. Even are boosters sometimes struggle in lower elos because it feels like your team is against you when trying to win. 1v9ing every other game sucks, there is no benefit in playing in Elos where you face flame and inflated egos. As you rank up everyone tries to win, which is the opposite case in elo hell where games are thrown over arguments. Elo boosting can give you that extra push that you need when climbing and improving.

  • No time to play/End season rewards. You deeply care about League of Legends however due to school/work or other time constraints you can’t play the amount you desire. Getting shunned by your gamer group because of your low ELO and losing awesome in game rewards just because you were too busy to play ruins your LoL experience. RankedBoosters can help players reach ELOs they deserve and enjoy to play in as well as secure those end season skins/borders!

  • Learning from the best. If you choose to buy Solo boosts you get to spectate and watch how a professional booster plays to stomp their way to your desired rank. Giving you the confidence and knowledge to play like them. If you choose Duo boosts, you can use Voice chat/Coaching features to learn and improve your game play. We all learn from our superiors and there’s nothing wrong in doing so.

  • MMR recovery. We all have unlucky days where we go on losing streaks and tank our MMR, Rankedboosters is here for you so that you don’t have to grind to repair your Lp gain. Our boosting service guarantees high win rates in most ELOs, our boosters are required to perform outstandingly for the very reason of improving MMR gains.

  • Experience the undiscovered. Many of our clients want to experience higher ELOs and see if they can hold their own, a very fun way to test your abilities. We can reach any ELO you desire, giving you bragging rights by being higher ELO than anyone else!


Advantages of using RankedBoosters for your boosting needs:

RankedBoosters provides Elo boosting services unparalleled to others, our elite boosting team provides solutions to all your boosting requirements.

  • Our boosts are the most customizable by far, from appearing offline to playing different roles/champions. We provide it all. You can voice chat with our boosters or even get coached during your boost if you choose our duo queue option.
  • We boost one division a day without compromise.
  • Our wait times to get a booster assigned to your order are extremely short, our boosters love getting paid and get pinged on discord once you order! They pick order with great enthusiasm. 
  • You can track your order completely in our members area, once you pay for your boost you will recieve an email confirming your order, another email when your boost is assigned, and another when completed. You can track all of this manually in your UserCp.
  • Our booster team is highly selective, our boosters are no less than diamond 1 and our junior boosters are min. Diamond 4 (they have elo limits), We don’t hesitate to remove inconsistency, customers always come first and nothing will compromise our standards.


Struggling in your ELO?

Let us boost you and give you a little push on the ladder so that you don’t have to deal with toxic/low skilled ELOs, so that you can be in an higher ELO environment to learn more effectively! You can duo with our boosters and learn their mindsets/playstyle to hard carry every game. We offer Solo/Duo division league boosts as well as short term Duo Games and Duo Net Wins. Want a taste of our service? Order our cheapest boosts (Duo Games).

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