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Why is Elo Boosting so expensive?

Law, Ranked Boosters
30 August 2019

Been surprised when you see elo boosting prices? We try our best to explain the reasoning behind pricing and why it’s still worth the cost.

How are the Prices decided?

LoL Players new to boosting often think the prices are slightly excessive. Such as 50 Usd to go from Bronze to Silver Elo, or even more alarming, hundreds of dollars to be boosted in diamond ELO.


Below are the reasons why such prices exist and why they are completely valid:

Skill level : Boosters are the cream of the crop in terms of skill, and as with everything if you’re the best at something, you will charge for it. Our boosters are Diamond 1 and above (0.01% of the player base for all of LoL). Since very few players can climb the ladder like our boosting team, our prices need to satisfy their demand. Even though we charge nearly 25% less than other boosting services.

Time: Boosting takes a lot of time, depending on the MMR of your account a division a day can easily take from 3-4 hours a day even with a very high win rate. Therefore this time needs to be compensated, even if you think their just playing a game. It’s still a demanding requirement to maintain speedy delivery.

Elo Level: Lower Elos are definitely cheaper since games take less time to win, a booster/duo boosters can easily win games before 20 min pre Gold. Making it quicker to boost a division a day, and even easier if our boosters achieve insane win streaks which can help sky rocket MMR and even skip divisions. However, higher ELOs make for harder opponents and therefore it takes a lot longer to boost a division. Losing even a single game means they need to win 2 more to advance.

Other Costs: Safety is our number one priority, we hand pick boosters and analyse their work ethic as well as their passion. This means we need them to care for each account they boost. A elo boosting service needs to pay such individuals more so that they uphold their values. Alongside, promoted our website/ paying developers and marketers in order to grow. These all add to the cost of Elo boosting.


Struggling in your ELO?

Let us boost you and give you a little push on the ladder so that you don’t have to deal with toxic/low skilled ELOs, so that you can be in an higher ELO environment to learn more effectively! You can duo with our boosters and learn their mindsets/playstyle to hard carry every game. We offer Solo/Duo division league boosts as well as short term Duo Games and Duo Net Wins. Want a taste of our service? Order our cheapest boosts (Duo Games).

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