Here are some common questions about our boosting service.

If you don’t find your answer please contact us.

Our Boosting Services

How do your Boosting services work?

We offer boosting services for league of legends in all regions and in all game modes, namely Solo Division/ Duo Division Boosts, Tft Division Boosts, Solo/Duo Net Wins, Duo Games and Solo/Duo Placements. If you need any special orders such as champion mastery which are unlisted, please contact support for more assistance. After we receive your payment you will be directed to a Payment Success page where you will input your information and your order will be created in your dashboard where you can track your boost and update your order.

What happens after I pay?

After payment, you will be redirected to a Order details page where you will enter your boost/account information and any relevant details, once entered you can track and update your order in our members area. Once a booster assigns or completes your order, you will receive an email notification.

Can I customize my Boost?

You can customize everything about your order in our premium options, after payment you can input order instructions for your booster. For example you want summoner spells in a certain order / You want booster to use VPN for you country / You want your booster to play at certain times according to your schedule.

Can my Booster play with specific summoner spells?

Yes! After payment enter in your order instructions whether you want Flash on F or otherwise.

Is it safe?

Our services are the safest in the market with boosters picked highly selectively. We condone no toxicity, scripts or any other malicious practices. As such, we haven’t had any bans at the fault of our team. Your account is safe in our hands!

Your Account

Can I play on my account while you are working on it?

Yes! You can chat with our boosters on discord on your’s and their’s schedule so you both can play seamlessly. However, you are strictly not allowed to play ranked pertaining to your boost until after the boost order is completed.

Can I be banned for Boosting?

There is always a low chance you will get suspended for boosting as riot does not allow MMR boosting, however we have taken extra steps to ensure that does not happen. Such as making our team use VPNs to mimic your location, matching the times you play league as per request and using the same summoner spells order. If you want to take it a step further you can order Normalize Scores in our Customize Boost options, which will force our boosters to win games with mediocre scores so that no one suspects a thing!

Will the boosters talk to my league friends or be toxic on my account?

Our Boosters have been instructed to never chat with anyone or add anyone on your account during the boost. All messages will be ignored by our boosters, if you wish you can select Appear Offline in Customize Orders for a small fee for solo orders which will make you invisible when we are logged into your account.

What if the Booster steals my account?

It is not possible for your account to be stolen if the booster doesn’t have the E-mail address linked to the account that only the original owner has access to.

Your Orders

Can I talk to my Booster?

Yes, you can join our discord and chat to our boosters over there! You will get an E-mail once your booster is assigned, message them on discord.

My Booster's performance is not good, can I change my booster?

Yes! if you are not satisfied with the performance of your booster. It will be reviewed and reassigned! We encourage you to contact us if our services are not up to your standards, however Boosters are in a 5v5 environment, they still lose games! Don’t pressure them too hard as not every game can be winnable.

There's an error in my boosting order, what should I do?

Contact Live support and we will sort out any issues you have.

I am not satisfied with my boost, can I get a refund?

Once a boost is completed, unfortunately we cannot offer you a refund. During your boost if you are not satisfied, we can refund you the remainder of your order if you wish unless we can resolve your issues. If you are not happy at any point of your boost, please contact us so that we can fix any of your problems.

How long does it take to complete my order?

We aim to provide a division a day with normal MMR gains, however there are many factors such as Lp Gain, schedules when order started and how many games need to be played. Our boosters want to maximize their earning so they always provide above and beyond to achieve their goals.

I can't find the boost I want in your options, what should I do?

Contact us through live support or E-mail, we will work something out if your order is now listed!


What payment methods do you guys accept?

At the moment we only accept PayPal, but as we grow we will branch into other payment services. Thanks for understanding.

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