WoW Classic: Any Gatherer Profession Boost to 300

Our Pro players will take any gatherer profession to 300 for your character in WoW Classic, enjoy the game without tedious farming!




Customize Your Boost!


Your Booster will stream the whole time he plays on your account!

Pick Schedule

You can be safe from accusations from your friends, or you can level when the booster is offline to continue playing! We will refund the amount of levels you acheived.

WoW Classic Gatherer Profession Boost Service Includes:

1. 1-300 Skill for Gatherer Profession done in 1-7 days for any profession skill boost.
2. Any Choose your Gatherer Profession From Mining, Herbalism, Skinning, First Aid etc.
3. Required Compulsory Professions, You will need required professions for certain other professions.
4. Mount Requirements , For timely delivery we need level 40 mount otherwise the boost will be too slow.

Completion Times after Assigned:

1-300 = 1-7 days depending on speed of your custom order (premium options)

Useful Information/FAQ:

How do I prevent my friends from finding out i use this service?

You can buy "Pick Schedule" so that our booster can only play the times you allow him! Or pick when the booster plays so it doesn't clash with your gaming time.

How long will it take for my boost to start and complete?

Depending on the size and speed of your order either one or two boosters will play in tandem. We assign within a hour and decide a schedule that you will be informed about. 

Is it safe?

There's always risk as this is against Blizzards rules with account sharing, but we have an experienced that take all the precautions to minimize bans. They will use your location on their VPNs. You will contact them on discord on when you want to play in order to avoid logging them off and risking signs of account sharing.

Will I get Gold or Mount/Riding during the profession skill boost?

These features can be added at a cost under Customize your boost, contact our live support for any different requests! You may get gold earned by our pro players left on your account after the boost

Why Use our Service?

We have Pro Players who understand the fastest paths for taking your skill to 300 for any gatherer profession, they are the most efficient players in the WoW classic community.

How are you leveling?

Depending on the size and speed of your boost and the speed you want, we might assign one or two of our pro players to level your account. They will use premium VPN and play from your location and use all their safety guidelines to prevent bans (only 2% ban rate).

Ask questions and Edit your order!

You will have access to live support 24/7 and contact with your booster through discord to arrange, edit and efficiently complete your order. Enjoy the game without constraints. Have work? Need to go to school? Let our Pro players Power Level your account so you can enjoy without stalled progress!


With the new launch of World of Warcraft Classic in our boosting services we offer the option for you’re a gatherer profession boost of your choice. When playing WoW, it is important for you to have the right professions at 300 so that you can efficiently level and gain gold. Instead of playing the game farming those stats, let us help you speed up your enjoyment. We also offer crafting profession boosts. Ranking up these professions takes some requirements before you can get them done since some professions need to be ranked to 300 before others are. There are also level limitations, you need to rank up to 60 sometimes. We offer WoW Classic Boost for custom leveling which can help you achieve the level you want in a short amount of time. We will level your Mining, Herbalism, Skinning or First Aid to 300 in Classic! Due to requirements in the same you will need to let our pro player use account sharing and have at least a level 40 mount, and level 60 for your 300 skill. You need level 40 mount since the profession boost will take a long time to level on your WoW account.

World of Warcraft Classic ork character with menacing look, to show the different characters that rankedboosters can boost for gatherer professions that may be character specific.
World of Warcraft Classic Night Elf character with prideful look, to show the different characters that rankedboosters can boost for gatherer professions that may be character specific.


The process is very simple, after you have ordered the boost our pro wow classic boosters will log into your account and complete the most efficient paths to get your gatherer profession to 300. They have been trialed and tested, they know all the shortest paths in the game and most efficient routes so that you can get back to enjoying WoW classic in no time. When you order priority speed or accelerated boost then our boosters will take turns playing on and off through out the day so that you can have your account boosted/levelled to where you want it.


Gatherer profession boost is our new service that we introduced for the upcoming relaunch of World of Warcraft Classic. Gatherer profession are fundamental when trying to farm gold and speed up doing raids and dungeon runs. It will help your gameplay speed up as well as complete ambitions in the game at a faster rate compared to your friends making you look epic. We will let our pros players WoW boost your profession by account sharing at your desired schedule, we understand that you don’t have the time that you once did when you played world of warcraft years ago. We want you to maintain the level of fun you had without giving up due to time restraints. Buying these profession boosts will help you take your character to the next level. Buying this WoW Classic Boost service for your character will save you tremendous time. We can profession boost for gatherer for all your professions skills. Helping you earn more WoW gold at a faster rate. You’ll be able to get mounts, rare items/gear and overall play the WoW Classic you always loved. If you want to level your crafting professions and boost to 300 skill we can provide this boosting service as well.

World of Warcraft Classic troll character with joyful look squating, to show the different characters that rankedboosters can boost for gatherer professions that may be character specific.