Duo Division Boost

Let the best Boosting Service Duo Elo boost you to your Desired Division. Get started by choosing your Current Rank and your Desired Rank.




Customize Your Boost!

Priority Order (+5 Usd)

Your Order will be moved to the top of the waiting list and started before a normal order!

+1 Extra Win

Buy an Extra win in your Desired Division, helping you maintain your elo!

Booster Camp (+25%)

Your Booster will camp your lane and play around you, so you can watch and learn and also have fun!

Insane Booster Stats (+15%)

Your Booster will try hard in your games, dominate and get the best stats he/she can.

Booster Role (+20%)

Choose the roles you want to duo with, helping you optimize your preference (Asked after Checkout).

Voice (+20%)

Voice Chat with your booster in League client, for the best duo experience.

Coaching (+30%)

Get Coached live during your games by your booster, learn from the best!

What Is A Solo Division Boost?
One of our Boosters will log into your account and play Ranked games to reach your desired division.

What Happens When I Order?
Once you’ve paid for your order it will be entered into our platform where an available booster will pick your order. You will be able to login to your User Dashboard and track your order from start to finish. You can chat with your booster and make any changes to your boost order there.

Is It Safe?
Our Boosters go through a very demanding process to be accepted to work with us, this means they have vetted and cleared. Your account is safe in our hands. Having a extremely low ban rate with the precaution we have set, we will use a VPN to mimic your location.

What If I Have More Questions?
You can visit our FAQ page, or read our reviews to learn more about our service.
Feel free to contact us via our live chat support, or contact us through our email form.

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