Duo Placement Matches

Let the best Boosting Service duo your placements matches with you and help you have a near perfect start to your Ranked season. Choose the rank you finished last season and the amount of games you want to play with us to get a head start on the Rift.




Customize Your Boost!

Priority Order (+5 Usd)

Your Order will be moved to the top of the waiting list and started before a normal order!

+1 Extra Win

Buy an Extra win in your Desired Division, helping you maintain your elo!

Booster Camp (+25%)

Your Booster will camp your lane and play around you, so you can watch and learn and also have fun!

Insane Booster Stats (+15%)

Your Booster will try hard in your games, dominate and get the best stats he/she can.

Booster Role (+20%)

Choose the roles you want to duo with, helping you optimize your preference (Asked after Checkout).

Voice (+20%)

Voice Chat with your booster in League client, for the best duo experience.

Coaching (+30%)

Get Coached live during your games by your booster, learn from the best!

Why Buy Duo Placements Boosts?

Winning most of your matches in placements will skyrocket your early season ELO. In our experience if an account has outstanding placements it more often than not results in higher ELO than your previous or Preseason rank. Getting those placements games played by our boosters will give you a head start in your climb. Instead of you trying to climb from the same or even lower ELO after mediocre placements, you can get a head start with the help of our boosters. Freshly placed accounts have insane MMR gains and if you can avoid getting placed with low ELO mindsets and toxicity, your ELO growth is limitless. Don’t hesitate and Purchase a Duo Placement Boost now!

How Does a Placement Boost Work?

It works similar to a Duo boost, you will provide your account IGN to us after you checkout, RankedBoosters will provide a highly skilled booster to play the designated games with you. Our service guarantees an 75-65% Win rate in the majority of different ELOs. Contact our live chat for further questions.

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