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Let the best Boosting Service play your placements matches and have a near perfect start to your Ranked season.
Choose the rank you finished last season and the amount of games you want us to play to get a head start on the Rift.

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Your Experience With Us

How does boosting work?

Why Buy Placements Boosts?

Winning most of your matches in placements will skyrocket your early season ELO. In our experience if an account has outstanding placements it more often than not results in higher ELO than your previous or Preseason rank. Getting those placements games played by our boosters will give you a head start in your climb. Instead of you trying to climb from the same or even lower ELO after mediocre placements, you can get a head start with the help of our boosters. Freshly placed accounts have insane MMR gains and if you can avoid low ELO mindset and toxicity, your ELO growth is limitless. Don’t hesitate and Purchase a Placement Boost now!

How Does a Placement Boost Work?

It works similar to a Solo boost, you will provide your account information to us after you checkout, RankedBoosters will provide a highly skilled booster to play the designated games you have paid for. Our service guarantees an 80% Win rate in the majority of different ELOs. Once completed your booster will report his result and complete your order. Contact our live chat for further questions.

What Happens When I Order?

Once you've paid for your order it will be entered into our platform where an available booster will pick your order. You will be able to login to your User Dashboard and track your order from start to finish. You can chat with your booster and make any changes to your boost order there.

What If I Have More Questions?

You can visit our FAQ page, or read our reviews to learn more about our service. Feel free to contact us via our live chat support, or contact us through our email form.

More About Our Boosting Services

Why Should You Purchase a League of legends Placement Boost?

Placement boosts are extremely important and have more weight to each game at the start of the season. The performance and wins are very vital in the start of the season as it can allow you to start the new rank season at the highest rank possible. The whole idea is that the booster will get you that head start at the beginning of the season which would set you up for the whole season in a way. Rather than starting at the same rank or even lower than what you ended last season, let the booster outperform others in that elo and give you the higher rank. This way you will avoid trolls and toxicity which is very much found in lower rank’s. The game will be more competitive at higher ranks and toxicity is much lower in high elo. We suggest you take the placement boost in order to find yourself achieving a higher rank in a much shorter duration.

How Are LoL Placement Boosts Completed?

Well, the placement boost works very similar to the duo queue or solo queue boosts. Our highly ranked boosters will take your account and complete the amount of placement games you have requested with an extremely high win rate. We guarantee an 80% win rate in certain ELO’s. Due to the nature of Team games we cannot guarantee a 100% win rate as there are several factors attached to League of Legends, but you will be sure to receive a very high win rate and great performance from our highly reputable boosters. In order to place the placement boost, you are required to select the rank you ended your previous season with. This is to measure the cost and expectations of your boost. Additionally, if you have played a few placement games, worry not! You are allowed to choose from 1 to 10 placement games for your boost. Order now and leave the rest to us, we are sure to get the most out of the remaining games!