WoW Classic Custom Leveling Boost

Our Pro players will level your character in WoW Classic from 1-60, choose your desired Level and get started!




Customize Your Boost!

Priority Speed (If 1-60, done in 3 Weeks)

Your Booster will play more hours in the day so that you can be the level you want sooner!

Accelerated Speed (If 1-60, done in 2 Weeks)

Your booster will play insane hours to get you leveled ASAP, we will assign two boosters to play continuously!


Your Booster will stream the whole time he plays on your account!

Pick Schedule

You can be safe from accusations from your friends, or you can level when the booster is offline to continue playing! We will refund the amount of levels you acheived.


1 Gatherer Profession to 300 at 60

Once you reach level 60, we will take ONE profession to 300 (Herbalism, Skinning, Mining, Fishing), you will be asked at checkout. For specific sets ask our live chat for custom orders!

1 Crafting Profession to 300 at 60

Once you reach level 60, we will take ONE profession to 300 (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, Leatherworking, Engineering, Cooking), you will be asked at checkout.

Mounts/Riding and Gold!

Add Riding + Mount lvl 40

Add lvl 40 Mount for 60% movespeed boost!

Add Riding + Mount lvl 60

Add lvl 60 Mount for 100% movespeed boost!

300g at the end of 1-60 leveling

Once you reach level 60, we will make sure to deliver 300g in it's bag!

WoW Classic Leveling Service Includes:

1. 1-60 leveling done in 3-4 Weeks, or any custom leveling.
2. Any Talent Build you want! Submit after payment in your order comments form or contact us.
3. Any Level for your character of Any Class in WoW Classic!
4. Resources earned by booster! You will get mount at 40 and gold that is earned. Your gear will consist of lvl 50+ dungeon loot of rare quality.

Completion Times after Assigned:

1-60 = 3-4 Weeks days (can be sped up with premium options)
1-10 = 10 hours
10-20 = 16 hours
20-30 = 22 hours
30-40 = 32 hours
40-50 = 50 hours
50-60 = 70 hours
Ask Live support for your custom order for order times!

Useful Information/FAQ:

How do I prevent my friends from finding out i use this service?

You can buy "Pick Schedule" so that our booster can only play the times you allow him! Or pick when the booster plays so it doesn't clash with your gaming time.

How long will it take for my boost to start and complete?

Depending on the size of your order either one or two boosters will play in tandem. We assign within an hour and decide a schedule that you will be informed about. 

Is it safe?

There's always risk as this is against Blizzards rules, but we have an experienced that take all the precautions to minimize bans. They will use your location on their VPNs. You will contact them on discord on when you want to play in order to avoid logging them off and risking signs of account sharing.

Will I get Gold, Mount/Riding or Professions during the boost?

These features can be added at a cost under Customize your boost, contact our live support for any different requests!

Why Use our Service?

We have Pro Players who understand the fastest paths to leveling up your class and its features, they are the most efficient.

How are you leveling?

Depending on the size of your boost and the speed you want, we might assign one or two of our pro players to level your account. They will use premium VPN and play from your location and use all their safety guidelines to prevent bans (only 2% ban rate).

Ask questions and Edit your order!

You will have access to live support 24/7 and contact with your booster through discord to arrange, edit and efficiently complete your order. Enjoy the game without constraints. Have work? Need to go to school? Let our Pro players Power Level your account so you can enjoy without stalled progress!


Recently Blizzard relaunched World of Warcraft Classic / Vanilla. A beloved classic game that many veteran gamers played for years. Since it takes so long to power level WoW accounts that many of our older gamers don’t have time for. We offer WoW classic boost that gets your account to any high custom level you desire from 1-60. Our Pro players and boosters know the most efficient ways of WoW classic gold farming and how to power level in WoW classic/Vanilla WoW. Wow Classic level boost helps gamers who have no time to level but want boosting so that they can enjoy the perks of WoW gear and final level 60 gameplay.


The process of WoW classic boost and power leveling is simple. At RankedBoosters, we sell custom power leveling to any level of your choice (1-60). You just choose how fast you want your WoW classic account boosted and we do the rest. To achieve incredible speed in WoW classic power leveling our boosters/Pro players have to prove and describe efficient paths for how WoW characters are power leveled in the shortest amount of time and effort. They need experience in WoW classic boosts prior to joining. These players have usually played WoW for years and love playing every moment when boosting WoW classic accounts to level them up. After purchasing your boost, you will be contacted by our team after you have inputted your details for WoW classic boost. Within the hour a Pro power leveler will be assigned and start your boost. You will have contact with them the entire time through our discord server. For WoW Classic our boosters will power level your account from 1-60 approximately in 3-4 weeks, due to the sheer number of hours that need to be played. Our boosters for WoW classic boost use VPNs and you are required to inform us before logging in so that you can play while our boosters rest. By doing so our power leveler will log off without account sharing suspicions, keeping you safe all the way through.


There are many reasons why we recommend WoW Classic boosting to World of Warcraft players. It sometimes sucks when power leveling your own account and grinding for hours as an old vanilla WoW classic player. We always remember the epic characters in world of warcraft we had past level 60. This is where we help you by providing power leveling for WoW Classic. Buying this boost will save you time and energy and help you enjoy the game without the grueling leveling. Some of our friends in the community almost gave up playing WoW classic on relaunch because they are older now and don’t have the free time they once used to. It can be frustrating to level your WoW account when you don’t have the free time you once did. Let our Professional power boosters’ level your WoW Classic account with our boosting services. After the boost you will have amazing random dungeon drops and gear from raids etc. A boat load of WoW gold and a leveled character that you can enjoy with your friends, and also laugh about when you have surpassed their levels! Instead of the tedious annoying bots of World of Warcraft, you can enjoy WoW vanilla/Classic with a WoW Classic Boost, play all the level 60 epic battles and enjoy your favorite game from back in the day.

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