Duo Games

Play Duo Games with the best League players in the world, experience and learn their mindsets/play styles. Gain some ELO along the way! 




Customize Your Boost!

Priority Order (+5 Usd)

Your Order will be moved to the top of the waiting list and started before a normal order!

+1 Extra Win

Buy an Extra win in your Desired Division, helping you maintain your elo!

Booster Camp (+25%)

Your Booster will camp your lane and play around you, so you can watch and learn and also have fun!

Insane Booster Stats (+15%)

Your Booster will try hard in your games, dominate and get the best stats he/she can.

Booster Role (+20%)

Choose the roles you want to duo with, helping you optimize your preference (Asked after Checkout).

Voice (+20%)

Voice Chat with your booster in League client, for the best duo experience.

Coaching (+30%)

Get Coached live during your games by your booster, learn from the best!

Why Buy Duo Games?

Duo Games is the cheapest option we provide for you to experience playing with peak performers when climbing the ladder. You will learn and experience the play style and mindset our boosters have when they win. Whether you need a few games for your series or want to play without the stress of carrying, duo games are right for you. Even though we don't guarantee wins, our boosters normally win 70% of the games in most ELOs. If you wish to have guaranteed wins, visit out Duo Net Wins page. 

What Happens When I Order?

Once you have ordered, you will be asked your Discord and In Game Name. The order will appear in the booster dashboard to be assigned to a booster. Once assigned the booster will invite you in game or contact you in discord to set a time when both of you can duo! 

Start Season 11 right!
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